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Youtube is a storehouse for millions of your favourite videos. And those have sounds as well. It’s a vast search engine for videos and audios that receives over 30 billion user visits per month. We’re sure you’ve used it to view your favourite videos as well.

There are times when you’d need just the audio out of your favourite YouTube videos. Be it a favourite song, an audio snippet out of a YT short, or a funny audio clip that you want to share with your friends. You can now get all that for free.

YTMP3 is a Youtube to mp3 converter engine that you can use to convert any YouTube video into an mp3 file. The process is super simple which we’ll also show you in a while. All that you need is the link to the video and that’s it.And the best part? This is all free forever. You can get all your favourite videos converted into audio clips for absolutely free. And there’s no limits to how many downloads you can do at one time.

One, five, five hundred, or even more.You can convert as many videos from YouTube to mp3 and enjoy them for free of cost. And what separates our converting engine from many others is the fact that we don’t even need your email address.

No signups, no details, nothing. Just show up on our site with the link to your YouTube videos and have them converted to mp3 for free! Millions of people have used our yt mp3 converter successfully and you can do so as well. All that you need is the link to your video and the rest will be handled by YTMP3.

Now, let’s have a look at how you can use our converter to get your favourite videos converted into mp3 file.

How to Convert YT videos to MP3 with Our Converter?

The process of converting a video into an mp3 file with YTMP3 is super simple. Here are all the steps that you need to know to get the work done and covert videos from YouTube to mp3 converter:

Get the link to the video you want converted to mp3

Go to YouTube and search for the video that you want to convert. This is the first step to converting a video from YouTube to mp3.


Once you enter the search query, you’ll get a list of videos. Click on the one that you need to convert from YT to mp3. On the top there’ll be a bar where you’ll find the link to the video as shown in the picture below.


If you are using a mobile phone then go to the YouTube application, then choose a video, click on the “Share” button, and then click on the “Copy Link” option.

Once you have the link, it’s time to proceed to the next step.

However, if you are browsing via the YouTube app, you’ll see an option to share. Click that button, and you’ll find an option to copy the link.

Enter the link on our website

Once you come and visit our YT2MP3 converter, you shall see the following screen:


Now, you take the YouTube video link that you copied before and paste it into the box that’s highlighted in the red box. Once pasted, choose the audio quality that you want.

Low quality is ideal for those who want to save space on their computers and mobile devices. And high quality is ideal for those who want the maximum output and have no issues with the storage space. Medium is for those who want good quality without giving away too much storage space.

Once you select your desired option, it’s time to click on the “Create MP3 File” button. Doing so will take you to the last step of converting a video from YouTube to mp3.


Wait for the video to convert and then you can download

As soon as you click the “Create MP3 File” button, our search engine will start to convert the YT video to MP3 right away!

You can see the load bar as well which will give you an estimate of the remaining time it’ll take for the video to convert to the mp3 format.

However, it usually takes 2 to 5 seconds to convert – depending on your internet’s connection.


Once it’s converted, you’ll see the screen as shown below:


Click on “Download your MP3 file” and voila! Your work is done. Go back to the home page to download another file. It’s really that simple to convert YouTube to mp3.

Let’s review the steps once again:

  • Visit YT2MP3 website.
  • Get the link for your YouTube video and put it in the converter box.
  • Click the “Create MP3 file” button.
  • Wait for the video to convert and then click “Download your MP3 file”

Now that you know the steps of converting a YouTube video to mp3 for free, let’s see some of the benefits you can get this way.

Benefits of converting YouTube videos to MP3

Some of the benefits of using the YTMP3 converter to convert YouTube to MP3:

It’s always free

There are several competitors that charge for this service. But our service is absolutely free to use. You don’t even need to sign up via an email address.

You save money

By downloading your favourite audio for free, you’ll not need to spend money on various paid audio platforms such as Spotify or YouTube premium.

You get a larger audio bank

There are thousands of audio clips that are only found in YouTube videos and nowhere else. Not even on paid streaming platforms.

You can utilize the audio for personal use

You can extract the audio and use it for different purposes such as sharing the audio with someone, using it for video editing, etc.

Final Words

There are several instances where you’d need to extract audio from the YouTube videos. To get your work done in the easiest way, it’s best that you use our Youtube to mp3 converter.

  • It’s very simple to use and understand.
  • Always free to use no matter how many videos you need to convert.
  • 3 choices of quality so that you can get something that suits you the best.
  • Completely safe to use.
  • No signup or any personal details are required.

So what are you waiting for? Copy the links of your favourite YouTube videos and start converting them into MP3 files right away!